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Our story:



Artemis was founded

In August 2018, determined to have a more data-driven & impact-driven way of affecting change, Artemis Impact was founded. With the main goal to help NGOs, corporates & donors seeking to serve their communities have a simple & effective way to create sustainable impact by having an outcome-based focus approach, real-time record of accessible, transparent data needed to meet stakeholders’ needs.



Started Beta testing our app

In September of 2019, beta testing began on the app with exclusive partners like GE, The Body Show, Isbanban, Teras Cerdas, Atma Jaya University. And, Artemis was off and running with its own small team. Seed funding rounds were begun in earnest to get, and keep, the Artemis ball rolling!



Closed Seed Funding Round

In January 2020, we officially closed seed funding round after successfully reaching our seed funding goal – Our first major milestone!



Our family grew bigger

Growing steadily, in February of 2020, our dedicated staff had grown to an energetic crew of 15, all committed to the Artemis mission of effective, simple, and measurable data-driven results created through targeted outcome-based funding, and focused on real, positive social impact.




Releasing Artemis 1.0

With funding in place, we moved forward into real-world action, then in April 2020, we were able to release the Artemis 1.0 app for download & support a food security movement Peduli Pangan. Our journey had just begun!


What’s next for Artemis?

In the next phase, the Artemis team is eagerly working towards creating an ecosystem, which will revolutionize
the way donors can fund & reward the volunteers who are working on the ground to create an impact. All in an effort to create a volunteer economy!

From South East Asia to the World - The Next Step Forward

From our inception in 2018 until now, we here at Artemis feel we’ve made great strides, but we also know we have a long way to go. Our world is full of opportunities to give and to serve and our expertise & technology provides us with the means to efficiently, effectively facilitate the connections that exist between the two.

But at Artemis, we also believe that all successful service—especially in the corporate, NGO and NPO spaces—must be both data-driven and results-oriented!

This is why we rely on the theory of change model (based on the UN-approved model), which is a strictly results-oriented system that moves from activities to output to the outcome to goal, all while allowing your team to collect, collate and effectively communicate data transparently for the mutual benefit of both your workforce and your stakeholders.

Initially founded and based in Singapore, we’re proud to serve our own communities in need, and always eager to reach out to larger international communities that can benefit from our experience. We believe this is our greater mission in the global community we all share.
At Artemis, we also believe that positive results equal positive service, and through the proper use of our services & technology, we can provide the most reliable, measurable, and transparent results which will allow your organization to continue to thrive now, and in our future!

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